If you have fibre arts items you would like to list please contact info@pgfibrearts.ca


For Sale ~ Spinning wheels, check them out in the Guild Room.

For Sale ~ Theo Lusty Black Walnut Spinning Wheel for $225 and an Indian Head Spinning Wheel (with treadle, on old Singer Sewing machine table) for $75. Call Dawn Germyn at 250-633-2520.


For Sale ~ LeClerc KEBEC I Weaving Loom for sale; $3,200.00

1970's LeClerc Kebec I is a strongly built 4 shaft counter-balance loom, allowing the production of wide fabrics. It is designed to be operated by two weavers, each one working with his own set of treadles, and throwing or receiving the shuttle in turn. It is possible to affix this loom with a flying shuttle to allow one weaver to weave alone. It is equipped with treadle sets (2) fixed in front.

Whichever treadle is used, the tension remains the same and the shed is perfect from one end to the other. Comes with plain wire heddles, bench, 2 reeds and 4 shuttles. The loom also includes four additional harnesses. The loom is currently assembled and located on Pender Island, British Columbia. Price is negotiable. Please email Charlene at External link opens in new tab or windowthebarnonpender@gmail.com  or telephone (250) 222-8646.


For Sale ~ Cherryville loom with bench and silk. Located in the lower mainland, $450. Contact: Carole at External link opens in new tab or windowcburd@telus.net

Wanted ~ 24" rigid heddle loom ... new or used. Please contact Gwen at External link opens in new tab or windowgdtindill@gmail.com

For Sale ~ 56" 4 harness Woolhouse floor loom. In excellent condition, made in the Okanagan. No bench, no reeds. $800. Please call Sharon Brown at External link opens in new tab or window250-994-3323 or e-mail External link opens in new tab or windowshaz_brown@yahoo.ca.

For Sale ~ Gilmore 46" Maple Floor Loom plus 2 stainless steel reeds, Gilmore maple bench, and 5 shuttles (small, medium, and double boat; small and regular inkles). This equipment is brand new, has never been used. We are asking half of the new price US $4218, which comes out to $2119, but we will take Canadian $2119, so that is less than 40% of new price. Everything is in excellent condition. We will deliver the loom and equipment anywhere in BC. Call Dawn Germyn at 250-633-2520.   

For Sale ~ Norwood Floor Loom, cherry wood, 8 shafts, 10 treadles, + accessories, MI-made, It is used but well taken care of and is in beautiful condition!

The loom specs: 58.5" wide, 8 shafts, 10 treadles.
Sectional warp beam
Tension box (makes the tensioning process much more seamless)

Accessory pieces included with loom: bench with sliding top, spool rack, winder with counter for measuring fiber onto the spools, reed, Asking price $1800, contact saleseller67@gmail.com.


For Sale ~ Barely used, fab felter by "Sewing with Nancy". Holds 5 needles, has tool compartment, and comes with wheeled storage/ travelling suitcase. $75.00 Contact: Gail by texting External link opens in new tab or window250-617-3397 or email gail_stevenson@telus.net

Fibre & Misc

For Sale ~ Quilt Stand. White, solid wood easy to repaint $20. If interested contact Deirdre at External link opens in new tab or windowdeirdre.addams@gmail.com

Coloured Romney Fleece For Sale


Krystyna at Night Hawke Ranch has some fleece for sale in the Guild Room. Check them out!

She is also willing to sell a whole fleece or will also separate a fleece and sell it by the pound for $20.00 plus shipping. The best way to contact her is via email. RON AND KRYSTYNA WARREN  External link opens in new tab or windownighthawkranch@shaw.ca

Thank you for supporting a local farmer.

By Donation ~ Assorted cones of weaving fibre and balls of yarn. Check them out in the Guild Room.


For Sale ~ Magic in the Water: wet finishing handwovens by Laura Fry.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.blurb.ca/b/8516297-magic-in-the-water



For Sale ~ The Intentional Weaver; How to Weave Better by Laura Fry.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.blurb.ca/my/store or search for the title on the External link opens in new tab or windowblurb.ca website.

For Sale ~ A Thread Runs Through by Laura Fry.

It is a memoir of  my life as a professional/production weaver.  A love song to weaving - and weavers - an enrichment to my life I never expected when I chose weaving as my career close to 49 years ago.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://ko-fi.com/s/a244fa1a00