If you have fibre arts items you would like to list please contact info@pgfibrearts.ca


For Sale ~ Spinning wheels and bobbins, check them out in the Guild Room.


For Sale ~ Leclerc Artist Tapestry Loom (Tissart).  45" weaving width and to any desired width.  Comes with new aprons, heddles, and chords.  This vertical loom has 2 harnesses and is used to make tapestry, illustrated weaving, or rugs.  The two harnesses are counterbalanced and slide horizontally.  This loom is in lovely condition.  Asking $600.00.  For pick-up only near Smithers. Call Joan at 250 846-5131.

For Sale ~ Norwood Floor Loom, cherry wood, 8 shafts, 10 treadles, + accessories, MI-made, It is used but well taken care of and is in beautiful condition!

The loom specs: 58.5" wide, 8 shafts, 10 treadles.
Sectional warp beam
Tension box (makes the tensioning process much more seamless)

Accessory pieces included with loom: bench with sliding top, spool rack, winder with counter for measuring fiber onto the spools, reed, Asking price $1800, contact saleseller67@gmail.com.

Fibre & Misc

For Sale ~ Coloured Romney Fleece For Sale

Krystyna at Night Hawke Ranch has some fleece for sale in the Guild Room. Check them out!

She is also willing to sell a whole fleece or will also separate a fleece and sell it by the pound for $20.00 plus shipping. The best way to contact her is via email. RON AND KRYSTYNA WARREN  External link opens in new tab or windownighthawkranch@shaw.ca

Thank you for supporting a local farmer.

For Sale ~ Dorset, Southdown, North Country Cheviot, Canadian Arcott, Suffolk and Rambouillet Fleece available May 1st.

PEACE VIEW COLONY SHEEP FARM. Andy manages the 600 ewes operation. He welcomes inquiries about their quality fleeces representing 6 breeds of sheep. Dorset, Southdown, North Country Cheviot, Canadian Arcott, Suffolk and Rambouillet. Skirted and individually packaged. If interested please email Andy at External link opens in new tab or windowandytschetter88@gmail.com.

For Sale ~ Dorset, Southdown, North Country Cheviot, Canadian Arcott, Suffolk and Rambouillet Fleece

Dear Friends of Fibre & fellow shepherds - greetings from Northeast BC from Peace View Colony Sheep Farm where we raise pasture based ewes bred for suitability on the open range.

My name is Andy Tschetter. I manage our sheep program here on the south slopes of the Peace River where fibre has taken a renewed interest of late - putting value to wool and subsequent product.
I'd like to take the opportunity to inform your members about our growing fine wool program and the resulting effort using Rambouillet wool. In 2010 we began an experiment with our 60 Rambouillet ewes , focusing on the breeding first  - our goal was to select a type of Rambouillet better suited for pasture so this meant retaining a Rambouillet with better feet, not as high in the leg and also with better muscling capacity than the traditional lanky, angular type of Rambouillet.  Not an easy task given the importance of trying to maintain proper Rambouillet breed characteristics.  But the effort has taken off now with with ewes being retained with astonishing depth. Also rams with great depth have since been retained and maintained.  Last year we started putting individual Rambouillet fleeces up for sale.  Using the testing services of LM Livestock Services courtesy of Lisa Surber , Ph. D., our mission continues. Please contact me with any inquiries.
Sincerely, Andy   Cell: 1-250 467 3957   External link opens in new tab or windowandytschetter88@gmail.com

For Sale ~ Bags and Bags of Fibre

Bags of fibre ready for spinning,  bags of various coloured fibre for felting, bags of fibre ready to wash and card. Check them out in the Guild Room.

By Donation ~ Assorted cones of weaving fibre and balls of yarn. Check them out in the Guild Room.


For Sale ~ Magic in the Water: wet finishing handwovens by Laura Fry.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.blurb.ca/b/8516297-magic-in-the-water



For Sale ~ The Intentional Weaver; How to Weave Better by Laura Fry.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.blurb.ca/my/store or search for the title on the External link opens in new tab or windowblurb.ca website.

For Sale ~ A Thread Runs Through by Laura Fry.

It is a memoir of  my life as a professional/production weaver.  A love song to weaving - and weavers - an enrichment to my life I never expected when I chose weaving as my career close to 49 years ago.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://ko-fi.com/s/a244fa1a00


For Sale ~ Books, books and more books. Check out the great selection of books and magazines available for purchase in the Guild Room.